Wednesday, August 01, 2007

BA Fined, hannibal, face and murdoch called as witnesses

I ain't getting on no plane, you crazy fool!

News is being reported that the fine that BA have been handed for 'fixing' fuel costs with Virgin, have reach £280m, after the US DoJ fined them an additional $300m.

Virgin 'grassed' up BA, and have been left out of the case, and we understnad that this could now go to a criminal investigation, as the civil case ends.

OK, BA have been found guilty, Virgin have escaped the focus, and the fines, for the part they played, but there will be almost £300 million changing hands - where does this go?  Will this get back to the pockets of the people who overpaid as a result of the price fixing, we suspect probably not - rough justice....what do you think?

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