Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tevez saga - I might go for compensation...

....well, every other mofo is:

Unbelieveable really, this is incredible.  I have to read this drivel all the f****** time for 2 years, as as West Ham fan, I'm overjoyed that we stayed up, but the real proof in the pudding of Sheff Utd, staying down the following season (almost going down again I think), proves that it is a good test over the course of a season...perhaps concentration on the football would have been in order.  Anyway, big fat line under that one, it's done.


Until this morning, I read that Warnock might sue, then I read that Leeds are going to assess their legal position...honestly, where will it end...?!

The FA need to step in and tell everyone to piss off, it's done. End of.

Friday, March 13, 2009

What an absolute C**t!

F**k me, ok, in advance I want to say sorry for any fruity language in this's been coming for a while, and just like the film me, myself and Irene, I have a load of sh1t building up, and one day, it's going to go bang, with a great big fu****g B.A.N.G...

Nothing below is meant to be personal, or identifiable, and is without prejudice.

I took a new job a few months ago, I didn't need to, it was a luxury, it was a move driven by pure greed to step up a level, and earn more was a shit time, and still is, to change jobs, but at the time, it was the right, I thought, thing to do.

Time is a great thing to have on your side, unfortunately in this day and age, it is not that easy...anyhoo, I digress.

So, I took my new job, it's a tough environment everywhere at the moment, and people are fucking stressed out, and have turned from reasonable, respectful people into a bunch of bullying, vindictive fucking cunts, who are backstabbing fuckers with no respect or knowledge. Fuck this feels good to release!

So the job starts, and seems to be going well, as time ticks by, it becomes clear that something that has been set up before the new team has arrived, is a bunch of shite, and needs some serious wonga to sort out...imagine you spend a huge amount of cash doing something (a respectable house in London!), and due to time constraints, you do the job half arsed. Now imagine when the new shiny thing launches, and shortly after, your, yes your, fuckup is pointed out, and it's going to take the same cash again to sort out, do you:

a. Hold your hands up, admit your mistake, move on
b. Conduct a review, conclude that something is missing, get on with sorting it out
c. Turn into a pathetic, small excuse for a human being
d. Become a cunt
e. None of the above

Guess the answer, hint - it aint a, b or e...

The new team now feels bullied for trying to clear up someone else's fucked up is that situation?! It's cunting unbelievable. I am not amused. I am seriously now worried, for the first time in my career, about my job security, something in the current climate I do not need...part of me would love to turn around and tell them to go fuck themselves, and stick their job so far up their arses that they choke. Don't get me wrong, there are some good guys, but there are a big proportion of cunts out there as well! I am being actively bullied out of my job, it feels, and we really do feel victimised, and hard done by. If there are any employment lawyers out there who want to help when (not if!!!) I am told to fuck off by these imbeciles, it would be great. Unfortunately we don't feel that we can have any sort of without prejudice chat, as the overwhelming feel is of collusion, back stabbing and sneaking around. It's fucking horrible.

This is all without prejudice. Me venting my frustration on a Friday. I am clearly fucked off. Nothing here is meant to offend, and everything is without prejudice.

Why the fuck do we do it? It's fucking selfish, there are people starving, and dying in the World, and we are caught up in ourselves so much, that my fucking pain, is a concern...let's face it it's not, but why do I keep doing it? I'm a victim of the system...fuck this, I want to do something that I enjoy, life is precious, the reason I am doing this is to support a family, and in 20 years, they'll be doing the same - perpetuating the fucking horrific....why, why, why, I am losing all focus for this, fuck it, we're all a bunch of cunts - look at yourself in the context of the World, and tell me you're not, I know I am, I want to be better!

Fuck me!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jacked Up Games

Whilst we do not endorse the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport, there seems to be a new story each and every week about a new athlete that's been caught, and tested positive for drug use.  Cycling is particularly tarnished with the reputation of drugs, and I believe it's a cyclist that has failed the first drugs test of the Olympics this year.  Some of the tales I've heard about the lengths these people will go to to produce a 'clean' sample are quite disgusting, and sound rather painful, but why would you do it - if you're not the best in the World, you're not the best, simple.  If you become the best in the world by taking drugs - cheating - you still are not the best in the world, thicko!

OK, so enough of that, now with the Olympics going on, it made me wonder whether the power of illegal performance enhancing, or otherwise, drugs could be harnessed into a new event, the Jacked Up Games.

The jacked up games would mirror the events of the Olympics, with one key difference - there will be mandatory drug testing for all competitors to make sure they are hecked up on goofballs on something or other.  Imagine an event where everyone could openly discuss and develop performance enhancing drug cocktails, just for the sheer hell of it - the jacked up games would show exactly what could be done - 100m in 5 seconds, triple jumping 200 yards etc..

The beauty of this is that it could be rolled out to other events, pissed formula one, acid skydiving, and so on

What do you think, could this be done, what events would you want to see, is anyone any good with photoshop?

Don't try this at home, drugs are wrong, just say no!