Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Bitch

OK, so a strong title, you may think.  I somehow thought of the past this morning, and for the first time in about 3 years, an old frustration got me annoyed.  Without going into too much detail, I used to own a flat with an ex-girlfriend, which I paid for completely, for 80% of the time we were in it, and the entire deposit etc, whilst she didn't work, or do anything at home.  When we split, it took 6 months to get away from it, and in the end cost me several thousands of pounds, as she was a money grabbing whore, with no self respect, decency or common sense.

So anyway, I thought of this as it is now impacting the way in which I live, as I now have debts to clear - which should not have been with me.  Anyway, I digress.

I've just read a report that West Ham fielded the most English players in a team, on average, last season in the premiership.  As a West Ham fan, this is good, however I have to ask why, with all the noise about English players, quality of football in this country etc, do West Ham only have 1 representative in the national team?  OK, so Dean Ashton is the sole West Ham player in the squad (why is Rob Green not in?!), and he may not even be a West Ham player for much longer anyway.  West Ham got some cash backing 18 months ago or so, and then went on a spending spree.  Far gone were the days of Happy Harry wheeling and dealing, Pards and Curbs were in the market to buy the best, buying almost exclusively from the English market, with the new found wealth.

So whilst it's been good to get players who people know what they can do, these players have been more than happy to sit back and count the cash.  Kieron Dyer, when asked by the Sunday times, what the most lucrative work he had ever done was, guess the answer (link: Sunday Times Story).  He had played for several BIG football clubs, as well as England, yet the most lucrative thing he did was lift the pen to sign for West Ham - incidentally, after that he promptly broke his leg, and has cost us a fortune with 0 return since.

Dean Ashton cost a few bob, and has been unlucky with injury, Craig Bellamy, another high profile player in the Premiership, cost a bit, and has been an asset, when fit.  Freddie Ljundberg is a great example - mainstay of the Arsenal team for season after season, then when told he is surplus t orequirements, a quck move to the other side of London, and 1 season on West Ham are offering to subsidise his wages to get rid of him!

OK, so there is a vague sort of connection here.  In the way I feel I got bitchslapped by a whore, and have been out of pocket since, it feels as though West Ham have been well and truly taken for a ride - the British press do not help matters, but come on guys - look further afield than the Premiership.  Why do we think there are so many foreigners in the game over here - it is a great league, but look at the earnings potential, absolutely crazy!  I'd like 1 week of what some of the top players are on - it takes me 3 or 4 years to get this amount- I'm probably better at football as well (injury stopped my glittering career ;-)).

What do you think?!