Thursday, August 10, 2006

The good, the bad, and the laz.....

ok, we promised it to you, here is the first rant...

Right, a quick bit about me, the author of this first rant. I now live and work in London, England, and have been here for a coupla years now. I'm male, I get the tube to/from work in central london, and some people really do make me wonder!

Laziness. A single, simple word, with a clear meaning. Ask most people, and they may not readily admit to being lazy (I do, I am lazy, I know it, everyone knows it, but it's easy to rant behind a computer!!!), but go to a tube station during rush hour, and witness an incredible event unfold. Every day.

Many Londoners daily ritual involves getting the tube from home to work. It's early in the morning, personally, I like to read the metro on the way in, and listen to something to get me in the mood for an 'active' day, something not too heavy, maybe a bit old skool, you know...anyway, I digress. So, Londoners are going to work on the tube, when they get off, I am constantly miffed at the queues which form down the platforms. I know it's rush hour before you start shouting, but these queues are for the escalator to get out of the tube. People will queue to stand on the right hand side of the escaltor, rather than walking up the, often empty, left hand side.

I've already confessed to my laziness, but I will always walk up the escalator, it's good for you, you might feel a bit out of breath, but hey, if you're a smoker, the saved time could add up to an extra ciggie before work each day, and help clean up the air for the rest of us (think logically, and long term).

Do you have an escalator at home, or do you have stairs - you manage to walk up these, get your lazy a$$ into gear, and walk you lazy g1ts!

Next on the lazy front, and a very general comment, is the French. I have noticed the French love to take the lift. Fine. 1 floor, not so good. 1 flight of stairs, up, down, in, out, rather than walk, they will happily wait for minutes than walk down the stairs. Incredible!

Anyway, got to go now, comments, more rants, you know the score, leave a comment, or email.....


Alas, clearly too slow, and small fry, all we could do was try and set up a blog for speculating exactly what Marco Materazzi said to Zinedine Zidane, to prompt the, now infamous, chest-butt (ed. clevage?), which marked the end of ZZ's career. There was someone who was clearly quicker, and able to operate on a bigger scale, as he obtained the rights to the image silhouette, and is currently auctioning at ebay!

So, a few weeks go by, and we get to thinking, well it's a pretty generic name, so let's open this bad-boy up!!!

Please now consider this bad-boy open!

OK, so some ideas we've had are turning this into a gossip site, or a general ranting site!

Gossip, believe it or not, sounds like too much work really, for us lazy ones, but rants are a pure outlet of everything that stews inside, of course, there could be a nice combo of the 2, so you have a rant about some gossip....or maybe not.

If you have better ideas, then please leave a comment, or email us at (change the for @, we're already sold on the vi$agra, and are in the process of helping 14 Nigerian kings). While we wait for your emails, we'll get on with our first 'propa' entry, init?!!!

Oh, before we forget, this site is done in jest, and the content here is for entertainment purposes. Nothing is meant to be offensive, degrading, or discriminatory, and everything is lighthearted. If there is anything which you wish to notify us of, please get in touch and let us know, we will review and deal as necessary.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Just what did he say?

The day after the World Cup Final, and what is everyone talking about? The football? No. The most successful European Football team in history? No. Everyone is talking about Zinedine Zidane, and just what on Earth possessed him to behave in such a way, during his last ever football game, and the peak of the biggest football competition in the World.

Imagine yourself being paid upwards of £100,000 per week, to do something that you love, and that you are very good at. Now imagine you are one of the biggest names and one of the best players, in one of the truly global sports, and just what would it take to make you snap, and headbutt someone to the floor?

Leave a comment here, and the best ones will be published very shortly!