Monday, August 20, 2007

Transfers soon!

A couple of weeks into the season, and things are not looking that good with my team at the moment.  The transfer window opens up later this week, I think, and with injuries to Ledley King and Freddie Ljunberg (and Sol Campbell, but he should be back in action at the weekend), I am looking to make a couple of transfers.

So far, the team has performed ok, although the shock poor start to the season by Manchester United, has not helped, with the goal keeper making mistakes, and Ronaldo getting himself sent off, I have learnt that the transfer window is closed for the first week!  After a strong-ish start (about 10th in my superleague, and in the top 90,000), I suffered a bit following the weekend games, and currently sit on 48 points, with 3 goals - which sees me fall to somewhere between 25-30 in my chosen superleague, and 143000ish in the overall competition.

I'm going to have to make some transfers, but don't want to waste these so early in the season unless I absolutely have to, Ronaldo for instance will not get me any points whilst he is suspended, but will get me points over the season - if he behaves himself!  I will take the hit on the non-earning for this time, and not waste 2 transfers to get him back in a cpouple of weeks.

Who should I get in to replace King and Ljungberg?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Get over it, and get on with it!


Sheffield United are to sue West Ham for the cost of their relegation from the Premier League.

The Blades were relegated after the Premier League opted not to dock West Ham points for fielding an ineligible player in Carlos Tevez.

Sheffield United have estimated the cost of their relegation at between £30m-£50m.

A spokesman said: "After discussion with legal advisors, we will be seeking substantial compensation."

The Blades recently failed in their High Court bid to force the Premier League to take disciplinary action against West Ham.

Sheffield United took their case to the High Court after an arbitration panel rejected their claim against the Premier League, who failed to deduct points from West Ham over the transfers of Tevez and Javier Mascherano.

Instead, the Hammers were fined a record £5.5m by the Premier League.

The Blades claim West Ham gained an unfair advantage by signing an illicit player in Tevez.


OK, so this has been going on for a while, it's been ruled on by the premier league/fa - the chaps that make the rules, that all clubs have an input to, and everyone has signed up to the law that they dictate.  They were not happy with the response.  It was taken up a level, they were not happy with the outcome, as it was not in their favour.

Come on, get on with it, you are a football club, surely the best way of getting back into the premier league is to do a good job on the field, if you had done that last season, perhaps you would not have gone down.  At the end of all of this, over the course of a season, you were not good enough to stay in the top flight, and as such went down.  Don't bitch fight other clubs, the buck stops with you, shut up and play football.  If you don't get back to the premier league this time around, who are you going to blame? West Ham? Carlos Tevez? Tay Zonday? It seems almost immature, shoulder the blame, play better football, get your message out through the medium of football, not moaning off the field.  Football is full of prima donna idiots, with egos the size of a city - at the end of the day, the majority of these people get paid stupid amounts of money to play football, the least they can do is earn their money - don't go bitching about it Sheffield Utd, you did not play well enough over last season, if you had played better in any of the 38 games you had to do so, you would not need to resort to this, and you would just get on with playing, and trying to avoid relegation once again this season.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fantasy Football - Season Long help required

OK, so yet again, I am entering a fantasy football league at work.  The rules are standard Telegraph fantasy football, £50m budget, 30 transfers for the season, no more than 4 within a week (I got caught out with this one at the end of last season!).

I have picked the team below to start, and want to throw open the floor to any experts out there.  As an incentive, should my team finish in the top 3 positions of our league at the end of the season, I will award a prize to the most successful contributor, over the course of the season, as judged by me.  All you need to do, is let me know where the good players are at, how they can fit into my team, and updates on injuries.

I will update this site with all movements in and out of the team, and publish comments/suggestions for all to see (let me know if you do not want to have your suggestion made public - all comments are moderated prior to publishing).

Until tomorrow, I think there is an amnesty on transfers, so I can make as many as I like til then - who do you think is going to be starring in the premier league next year? Let me know?


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

BA Fined, hannibal, face and murdoch called as witnesses

I ain't getting on no plane, you crazy fool!

News is being reported that the fine that BA have been handed for 'fixing' fuel costs with Virgin, have reach £280m, after the US DoJ fined them an additional $300m.

Virgin 'grassed' up BA, and have been left out of the case, and we understnad that this could now go to a criminal investigation, as the civil case ends.

OK, BA have been found guilty, Virgin have escaped the focus, and the fines, for the part they played, but there will be almost £300 million changing hands - where does this go?  Will this get back to the pockets of the people who overpaid as a result of the price fixing, we suspect probably not - rough justice....what do you think?