Friday, July 27, 2007

Page rank v life

OK, there's a blog I read as often as I can, looking to pick up tips, but also I like the style of writing.  The blog belongs to Dean Hunt (, and he is pushing a campaign against the focus on pagerank - in a slight twist, jumping on the bandwagon should help increase pr, and get some nice fat backlinks.  Now I guess I'll have to start thinking about something to do with all this new found traffic.  Yeah right?!!! 

Before I drop the list of participants below, I want to see if I can start a campaign to get the Bonobo song to number one, let's see if we can't make it as annoying as the crazy frog...!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

more bloody idiots!

so now it is the turn of royal mail staff to go on strike. Again.  Honestly, this type of industrial terrorism, bully tactics, whatever you want to call it, is absolutely sickening.  I don't think I get paid enough, so I ask for a pay rise - I still go to work, and if they say no, I'm a bit pissed off, but generally you either get over these things, or move on. 

'Public services' like the royal mail are a monument of times gone by.  There is uproar when there are rumours that the government will bail them out of astronomical debts, it's own staff are pushing against any element of change, what hope have the post office got?

If companies, people anything did not change, and evolve, we would still be living in caves.  Evolution is vital - imagine 10, 15, 20 years ago at work, now look at your desk.  Things have evolved.  People have evolved.  Skills have shifted.

Computers were once the enemy, the public thought that computers would be brought in to replace people and they would be left without jobs.  Has this happened? No. 

Yes, there has been a skills shift, but as this happens, computers have helped companies to evolve.  Look at the difference between HSBC 20 years ago, and today.  One of the biggest banks in the world, making some of the largest annual profits in the world, but still have a huge workforce.  People will always be needed.  Whether they are needed to sweep the floor, or make sure that the robot that is weeping the floor is working.

Moving back to the royal mail, 20 years ago, things in this country were very different.  How many of you had sent an email?  How many of you had penpals when you were younger, that you sent letters to?  Schools encouraged this sort of thing, it was a 'healthy' pasttime, unlike the youth of today, but that's a different topic!  With the progression of email, people have stopped sending as many letters.  The postal delivery market has been opened up.  It is time for the Royal Mail to be allowed to operate as a business.  It's employees need to realise that they cannot hold the company to ransom, in the long run this is likely to harm them more.  Change, adapt, go with it, step out of your comfort zone, move on - the world has!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Bonobo Song - it'll stick in your mind!

The Bonobo Song

The Bonobo Project is a SpeciesAlert/SpeciesCreative initiative to raise awareness for the Bonobo Chimpanzee.

At the heart of the campaign is a song and accompanying music video from spoof band "The Bonobo Beat". Hoping to reach a wide audience and highlight a serious issue through music and comedy, we have made "The Bonobo Song" available for download on iTunes, and additional products - such as mobile phone ringtones, a karaoke video, and interactive toolkits enabling people to re-record or remix their own version of the song – are available for download from our website. 50% of Net profits from these sales will be donated to Wildlife Charities.

The video is available to watch for free on YouTube:

…or to find out more about "The Bonobo Beat" check out their myspace profile:

For further information on our organization, please visit:

Bonobos are the most endangered of the great apes and are found solely in the Democratic Republic of Congo where there are only about 10,000 left. Bonobos share 98% of their DNA with humans, and are unique in that they do not fight amongst themselves, which is why they are sometimes referred to as "the good apes". It is predicted that without our help - Bonobos could become extinct in the next decade this is due to a combination of habitat loss, and hunting for bush meat. The civil war in the DRC, which has been ongoing since the 1990's, has added to this problem.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Found the following story on the Yahoo site - how stupid would you feel if this was you?  Have you ever done anything like this to make a prat of yourself? Leave a comment!

LONDON (AFP) - A man flew all the way from Canada to Britain for a friend's wedding -- then realised he was a year too early, the self-confessed "berk" told BBC radio.

David Best sent friend David Barclay an email at the start of 2007 which mentioned his wedding date of July 6.

Despite receiving no invitation, and thinking it was a bit odd to have a wedding on a Friday, expat teacher Barclay nonetheless booked his flights and jetted the 5,600 kilometres from Toronto to Cardiff.

"I booked my ticket, paid 500 pounds to fly into Cardiff, got the old suit cleaned, the goatee trimmed, the head shaved -- I was going to be the belle of the ball," Barclay said.

"I called his mum to find his number and then I called him up and I said, 'When and where is this wedding? It's in a couple of days and I'd just like to know where I'm going.'

"He said to me, 'Mate, it's not this year, it's next year. 2008 not 2007'."

Only then did a whole list of other strange occurrences start to make any sense.

"I called his mum up and she didn't mention it at all. I didn't get an invitation, it was just on an e-mail and I mentioned it to a friend we're both friends with and he didn't know what I was talking about," Barclay said.

"All these things came together and I thought, 'Oh no, you berk.' I'm a year early and my mates are loving it, aren't they?

"At least it has assured me a mention in the speech next year, I reckon. Same time next year -- I'll be there."