Monday, August 20, 2007

Transfers soon!

A couple of weeks into the season, and things are not looking that good with my team at the moment.  The transfer window opens up later this week, I think, and with injuries to Ledley King and Freddie Ljunberg (and Sol Campbell, but he should be back in action at the weekend), I am looking to make a couple of transfers.

So far, the team has performed ok, although the shock poor start to the season by Manchester United, has not helped, with the goal keeper making mistakes, and Ronaldo getting himself sent off, I have learnt that the transfer window is closed for the first week!  After a strong-ish start (about 10th in my superleague, and in the top 90,000), I suffered a bit following the weekend games, and currently sit on 48 points, with 3 goals - which sees me fall to somewhere between 25-30 in my chosen superleague, and 143000ish in the overall competition.

I'm going to have to make some transfers, but don't want to waste these so early in the season unless I absolutely have to, Ronaldo for instance will not get me any points whilst he is suspended, but will get me points over the season - if he behaves himself!  I will take the hit on the non-earning for this time, and not waste 2 transfers to get him back in a cpouple of weeks.

Who should I get in to replace King and Ljungberg?

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