Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fantasy Football - Season Long help required

OK, so yet again, I am entering a fantasy football league at work.  The rules are standard Telegraph fantasy football, £50m budget, 30 transfers for the season, no more than 4 within a week (I got caught out with this one at the end of last season!).

I have picked the team below to start, and want to throw open the floor to any experts out there.  As an incentive, should my team finish in the top 3 positions of our league at the end of the season, I will award a prize to the most successful contributor, over the course of the season, as judged by me.  All you need to do, is let me know where the good players are at, how they can fit into my team, and updates on injuries.

I will update this site with all movements in and out of the team, and publish comments/suggestions for all to see (let me know if you do not want to have your suggestion made public - all comments are moderated prior to publishing).

Until tomorrow, I think there is an amnesty on transfers, so I can make as many as I like til then - who do you think is going to be starring in the premier league next year? Let me know?


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