Friday, July 27, 2007

Page rank v life

OK, there's a blog I read as often as I can, looking to pick up tips, but also I like the style of writing.  The blog belongs to Dean Hunt (, and he is pushing a campaign against the focus on pagerank - in a slight twist, jumping on the bandwagon should help increase pr, and get some nice fat backlinks.  Now I guess I'll have to start thinking about something to do with all this new found traffic.  Yeah right?!!! 

Before I drop the list of participants below, I want to see if I can start a campaign to get the Bonobo song to number one, let's see if we can't make it as annoying as the crazy frog...!

Buzz Marketing Blog

Young Entrepreneurs Blog

No Nonsense Business Advice

Sell your blog

CS Developer

Aplliance Journal

Madkane Humor Blog

Find New Leads


UK SEO Directory

Bikinifigur: Abnehmen ohne Hunger

Bob Meets World

BlueJar Webmasters Guide

All Sux Dot Com


The Next Post

Tech Blog

Reality Wired

Tom Wilson Google Blog

Price Filter

a few loose screws

Clickon Web Design

Woody Maxim

Crystals Quest

What Simply Works

Affiliate profit center

Internet Marketing Blueprints

Cash 4 blogging

Hits USA

Wendy Haney

Sheterk Marketing

How To Build a website blog

The Block Party

Ezinet Global Marketing

Best Online Earning Strategies

Online Security Authority

Alternative Healing

That’s what i’m talking about

Web Urbanist Media and Art

Fundraising Ideas


Money Spinning

Blogging at Flixya

Blogging Tips

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