Wednesday, July 25, 2007

more bloody idiots!

so now it is the turn of royal mail staff to go on strike. Again.  Honestly, this type of industrial terrorism, bully tactics, whatever you want to call it, is absolutely sickening.  I don't think I get paid enough, so I ask for a pay rise - I still go to work, and if they say no, I'm a bit pissed off, but generally you either get over these things, or move on. 

'Public services' like the royal mail are a monument of times gone by.  There is uproar when there are rumours that the government will bail them out of astronomical debts, it's own staff are pushing against any element of change, what hope have the post office got?

If companies, people anything did not change, and evolve, we would still be living in caves.  Evolution is vital - imagine 10, 15, 20 years ago at work, now look at your desk.  Things have evolved.  People have evolved.  Skills have shifted.

Computers were once the enemy, the public thought that computers would be brought in to replace people and they would be left without jobs.  Has this happened? No. 

Yes, there has been a skills shift, but as this happens, computers have helped companies to evolve.  Look at the difference between HSBC 20 years ago, and today.  One of the biggest banks in the world, making some of the largest annual profits in the world, but still have a huge workforce.  People will always be needed.  Whether they are needed to sweep the floor, or make sure that the robot that is weeping the floor is working.

Moving back to the royal mail, 20 years ago, things in this country were very different.  How many of you had sent an email?  How many of you had penpals when you were younger, that you sent letters to?  Schools encouraged this sort of thing, it was a 'healthy' pasttime, unlike the youth of today, but that's a different topic!  With the progression of email, people have stopped sending as many letters.  The postal delivery market has been opened up.  It is time for the Royal Mail to be allowed to operate as a business.  It's employees need to realise that they cannot hold the company to ransom, in the long run this is likely to harm them more.  Change, adapt, go with it, step out of your comfort zone, move on - the world has!

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