Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow way?!

It's lovely, snow is great, and makes everything look good.  However, there is a problem, not just with snow, but with weather in general.

One of the favourite pasttimes of people in this country, is to bemoan the unique climate we have here.  If it's hot, people want it cooler, if it's dry, people want some rain and so on, never happy some people! 

So today, one of my favourite things, well, weather wise - snow!  It's fantabulous, everything is peaceful, I was awake at 5 this morning and noticed it had snowed, and was still snowing.  It's not like it used to be, and we're not going to ski on it, but hey, it's better than nothing!

Anyway, stuck in the office now, eventually!  One thing this country cannot cope with is any extremes, if it more than drizzles, blows a gentle breeze or rises above about 20 degrees, the transport infrastructure goes belly up. Why? No one really knows, what does it mean? The people using public transport seem even more self absorbed, selfish and rude than normal, and any teeny tiny element of common sense has gone out the window.

I had to wait for 3 different trains today, before I could get on one.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem with the people on the train, rather the train companies not being able to manage their customers.  But today, with the disruption caused by a sprinkling of snow ( n.b. not on the tracks!), there were some particularly stupid w@nkers out today, including one guy who (and the people on the train could see me fuming at this!) was completely oblivious to the 30 people crowded into the vestibule, and stopping more people from getting on (probably another 4/5 people coiuld have got on).  If I had managed to get on this train, I think I'd have been in work about 30 minutes earlier!  This guy typifies one big issue I have with commuting in to central london, I wish I had the thought to get a photo of this chap, and 'shame' him!  People are just so bloddy selfish, in the metro ( at the moment, there seems to be people discussing ladies applying makeup on trains - I have no problem with this, if they are considerate of those aropund them.  I have a bigger problem with idiots who continue to try and read their paper when there is clearly no space to do so (i read the metro on the platform, it's rare i get to do it on the train).

Commuters seem so caught up in actually getting on the train, they are 'in the zone', they forget common sense, decency and basic respect.

Most people  moan about work when they get there, take the opportunity to grab 5 minutes extra fresh air, and see the snowy beauty, wait for the next train!

Come on people, we're all trying to get to work, let's be sensible about this.  If anyone from the protest group regarding rail travel is reading this, leave a comment, I want to help!

So, frustratedly, belatedly and irately, I am left, once again, by my fellow londoners, in a foul mood at the start of a work day - why, oh why, do we do this....?

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