Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The List!

OK, continuing the rant-a-thon, I am going to start a closely related topic, 'the list'!

Everyone has had bad experiences which they want to share with people, rather than doing anything illegal or immoral, hit companies that don't live up to your expectations where it hurts - tell people.  Although all press is good press, enough accounts of poor customer service, or missed appointments or rudeness about a company could save a single person from embarking on a relationship with a company that won't treat them right!

But, it's not only bad, there are some really great companies that will go that extra mile to make sure you are a happy customer, we want to know about these as well!

Before we get too involved, I would like to point out that this topic is personal opinion, and is not intended to cause any offence.  Any issues with the content, please contact us to discuss.

Leave comments, or email, with your experiences (good or bad), and we will publish as much as possible.

OK, without further ado...

* St. James' Homes - BAD...full details to follow, although I am 'hoping' to proceed with Legal action, so cannot go into details at the moment.

* o2 - after years of being really pissed off at the crap service, I requested something through their website this week, and not only did I get a same day response to my email, but the response covered everything I needed, and my new sim will be with me shortly - I know they're only doing their jobs, but after past experiences have set my expectations soooo low, it's nice for them to be efficient!  Good Job!

More to come soon, give us your examples as well....

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