Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jacked Up Games

Whilst we do not endorse the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport, there seems to be a new story each and every week about a new athlete that's been caught, and tested positive for drug use.  Cycling is particularly tarnished with the reputation of drugs, and I believe it's a cyclist that has failed the first drugs test of the Olympics this year.  Some of the tales I've heard about the lengths these people will go to to produce a 'clean' sample are quite disgusting, and sound rather painful, but why would you do it - if you're not the best in the World, you're not the best, simple.  If you become the best in the world by taking drugs - cheating - you still are not the best in the world, thicko!

OK, so enough of that, now with the Olympics going on, it made me wonder whether the power of illegal performance enhancing, or otherwise, drugs could be harnessed into a new event, the Jacked Up Games.

The jacked up games would mirror the events of the Olympics, with one key difference - there will be mandatory drug testing for all competitors to make sure they are hecked up on goofballs on something or other.  Imagine an event where everyone could openly discuss and develop performance enhancing drug cocktails, just for the sheer hell of it - the jacked up games would show exactly what could be done - 100m in 5 seconds, triple jumping 200 yards etc..

The beauty of this is that it could be rolled out to other events, pissed formula one, acid skydiving, and so on

What do you think, could this be done, what events would you want to see, is anyone any good with photoshop?

Don't try this at home, drugs are wrong, just say no!

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