Friday, February 08, 2008


D...I...S...C...what's the next letter?

No, it's not 'O', we're not here to party and have a good time, we're still here to bitch about sh1t!

So, back to the question, any thoughts?  If we said 'R', would you be able to finish the word?

OK, cut the rubbish, the word of the moment is DISCRIMINATION.

We've all heard this word thrown about in the past, but what is your take on it?  Have you seen discrimination in action, positive or negative discrimination?

Most areas of society now have laws relating to discrimination - think about it, you have to be treated equally whether you are fat or thin, old or young, tall or short, french or english, black or white, you get the idea!

I have recently found one area which appears to be free of all responsibility to human rights, discrimination, whilst we believe it should be covered.  Any guesses?

Air travel.

Simple, if you have ever been on a commercial plane, chances are you will have gotten to know the back of the chair in front of you intimately on your journey.  Seats in planes tend to have less room for people than cattle get when they are being transported.  There have been protests at how poorly cattle are treated in transit, and we want to know how airlines have been able to get away with treating people so badly for so long.

I have had bad experiences on planes, most frequent travelers probably have!  I'm above average height, not something I chose, although I like being tall - don't get me wrong, I'm not that tall - 6' 4" (190cm), but physically doing things in everyday life is seeming to be getting harder and harder.

The tube pisses me off, barely being able to stand on some trains, in the middle of the carriage, let alone in rush hour, trying to stand next to the curved doors, all whilst some ignoramous reads the f****** newspaper - but air travel is the real issue, as this is actually dangerous to health.

I have been lucky enough to be on a few long haul flights in the last 12 months or so, and have been basically satisfied with the service, there are certain compromises to be made, such as knowing you are either not going to be able to feel your feet through them being forced under the seat in front, or being run over by the trolley if they are in the aisle.  It used to be the case that you could get to the airport early enough and check in first, and ask nicely for the emergency exit seat to help a little with the legs.  This was normally met with a couple of questions to make sure that you would be able to help in the event of an accident - e.g. were you fit and of 'reasonable' strength, could you open the door in other words?  This is fair enough to ask, and I totally agree that the person or people sitting in these seats have a certain responsibility to other passengers.

This has all changed.  In the money grabbing, profit driven society we live in today, these seats are now for sale.  Fat, thin, old, young, as long as you have more cash, you can have these seats.  Is this showing that the airlines have really stopped caring about the passengers, as long as someone can stump up the cash they can have these seats - regardless of whether they would be able to open the door or not, although the airlines are obviously trying to help by ensuring their wallet is slightly thinner!

I'm bored of ranting now, but suffice to say the airlines get away with this all the time, so many companies do in one way or another, what do you think?  Who is on your list of poor companies in terms of customer services...?

All fuc*ing airlines!

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