Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tevez saga - I might go for compensation...

....well, every other mofo is:

Unbelieveable really, this is incredible.  I have to read this drivel all the f****** time for 2 years, as as West Ham fan, I'm overjoyed that we stayed up, but the real proof in the pudding of Sheff Utd, staying down the following season (almost going down again I think), proves that it is a good test over the course of a season...perhaps concentration on the football would have been in order.  Anyway, big fat line under that one, it's done.


Until this morning, I read that Warnock might sue, then I read that Leeds are going to assess their legal position...honestly, where will it end...?!

The FA need to step in and tell everyone to piss off, it's done. End of.

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