Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life changes

Right, back from another holiday to the mundane monotony of everyday working life in London.  How depressing!

I always enjoy going on holiday, and this time was no different, although the holiday was different than other holidays I've been on in the last few years, I had a good break, and it is always good to be away from work.  Getting back is always a depressing time, but one which gives renewed hopes of making a difference in my life.

I'm a fantastic procrastinator - olympic standard I reckon, always with ideas, ideas, ideas, and a great belief in them, for about 3 days, before work takes over, and I seem to have no time for anything other than that.  Getting back from a break is a good time to think about things, and how to change.

Living and working in London is a real downer at times, I work hard, and I work longer hours than I probably would if I worked outside of London - with spending any time with my fiance, and a minimal amount of time on myself (gym!), I have to sleep - I want to better myself and get paid more, either by working for myself, or until I am financially secure, looking at other opportunities out there. 

I like what I do, and the company that I work for, with the exception of a couple of things, one of which everyone probably thinks in their job - I am not paid enough.  I work in a position which has accountability and responsibility, and do not feel at all valued within the working environment.  It's always difficult getting back into things, but having had some time to think and digest over the last few weeks, I know there are going to be some changes heading my way in the next little while - whether that will be a huge pay rise and bonus in my existing job, or aa new job (obviously involving a huge payrise), remains to be seen - but for once, all the headhunters that have called will be getting a call back!

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